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Now that all source of electricity and communication was cut off, the only path forward out of this place was to go down to the emergency power room down in level 3.


Han pulled the trigger without a single word. The end of his gun flamed. The two were in such close proximity that he could easily shoot the other without aiming. A single bullet dug through the Elu. An ear splitting scream filled the corridor.


"The all-in war tactic is too easy to defend as long as the opponent reacts faster and deploys defending forces. Since we used the tactic once, it will not work again."


"The Northeastern Asian Alliance was alerted, however Japan helped to mediate the situation and China surrendered themselves. So, everything was quietly concluded. China had lost their voting power in the future committee meetings. Of course they cannot stop their sponsorship either. That's unless they want to be bullied by everyone in the world." Schwartz who was suited in a military uniform said to Han.


Han thought of the choices of that moment. Corporal Zhai mercilessly shot Herald. Han understood that was the correct choice.


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Kato's hands shook with anger. The battle was ending up above. Once squad 7 lost all their airbeats, they had no hope to win. The remaining squad members who couldn't move at all on top of the wooden pillars volunteered to give up.


She let out a heavy sigh in the break room. The cigarette smoke spread thickly into the air.


The instructors agreed simultaneously while they nodded. Han, the leader of squad 13, had begun to attract the drill instructor's attention.


"Dang it! We will attack before they can throw anymore airbeats. Don't retreat!"


"If a standard model is confirmed, this model would probably be destroyed."


The Elu was tired. It had been such a long time since it had been captured to this underground facility that it couldn't remember its life outside of this place. It mourned and lamented every moment from pain and suffering.


Han did not plan to obediently lose like the drill instructors intended for them. He quietly called Jose over and drafted their plan.



"Don't stare at me like a dog that wants to pee. All I need is to attach prosthetics to my leg. It's a miracle my four limbs had remained until now. Thanks to you I've become disabled. This is a perfect excuse to retire."



A soldier shouted fearfully while randomly shooting his gun at Canute. No matter how many bullets hit Canute's body, he could not be stopped. Psychic light beamed from his eyes.


'I have the strength to help Han. I've always needed his protection but…, it's different now. I will become his friend who can look at him eye to eye.'


"It's the feeling of self repulsion when physically attacking others. Even a trained soldier will have a difficult time killing someone else with their bare hands. Normally, they will stop. On the other hand, a normal citizen will easily be able to kill others while controlling a robot or throwing a bomb. The feeling that you're personally attacking others is greatly dulled. The mental stress decreases the less one is able to observe the opponent's reaction."

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