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The squad scattered left and right and took cover in the corners of the room. The bullets shot past their original positions. Once the Elu emptied its magazine, it disappeared and escaped off to somewhere.


Gradually, the youths regained their alertness and crawled out of their incubators. They couldn't manage to stand properly at all. They staggered around and tripped onto the ground.


Han looked toward squad 7 who had seated themselves in the far opposite side of the room. Kato fiercely glared at Han, then turned his gaze around. He had intense malice.


The ninth squad was indeed veterans. They could easily hit Canute who had been running quickly through the forest. They pressed forward, hunting Canute.


"Teacher, since they're able to use psychic skills, does that mean normal physical weapons do not work against them as well?"


"I heard he used to be in the seventh squad, what was the seventh squad leader doing letting a talent like that rot? I don't think he participated in a single squad battle back then."

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Silence has blink teleportation. This skill overpowers foes lacking intelligence. Werewolves will not even be able to put up a fight against Silence's blink ability as they're cut in two, one after another.


"Supporters are in charge of controlling several airbeats to aid your fellow squad members. Additionally you have the advantage of immediate foresight. Read your squad's movements and be on standby to support your teammates with airbeats. This tactic will be able to lessen the psychic energy waste and mental stress on the overall squad. We never had a member in squad 7 that could act as a supporter, and so we've recruited you so that you can take on this position. Kuro."


"The top officials funding Ark are mistaken about one thing. The most important aspect of a dragon hunter is not psychic skill. That is only the basic minimum requirement. The soldiers require the strength to tough through the most gruesome horrors in order to stab and penetrate deeply into their hearts. Strikers are the only ones with the ability to land critical blows. It would be nice to setup the greatest situation for the squad, however if that were to be impossible we need a squad that can run through the worst fires headon in order to kill our enemies. That is the striker's role."


During the second year, his psychic control had grown exceptionally. Everyday, he practiced by himself and had accidentally discovered the fact.


'If I fail my revolution, I would be hated by absolutely everyone and I won't be able to accomplish anything at all. I must succeed making my own squad.'


Kuro said and suddenly fished another one. He gained much confidence through this experience and his expression seemed much brighter than before.


"We will be throwing the spears we have made ahead of time. We will teach you the methods now. We don't have much time, but try to get used to the movements as fast as possible."



The drill instructor said while walking in. The meeting room quickly fell into silence. The drill instructor lightly coughed and began the assembly.



"I was wrong. You're not fit to fight. If you continue this route, even if you survive the war, you'll end up living the rest of your life in pain."


Kuro shouted hysterically. All the items in the room floated into the air. Psychic energy spilled from his irises. It was becoming extremely difficult to suppress his powers after gaining S rank powers. The tiniest emotional shift set a flood of psychic energy to manifest.


Squad Victor started the electric generator. The dark corridors were brightly lit. They officially looked through the place for survivors.

  • If China had come clean with the honest truth when they asked for help, nothing like today would have happened. Ark would have selected only veteran psyker soldiers to be deployed.
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