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Han shook the spear that was stuck on its head. He pressed its head down with his feet and pulled his spear out. He swung the blood off the spear and returned it back to its leather casing.


"Kijo, I will hand out the tasks to those that are skilled to do so. I will be as fair as possible to everyone. If you wish to show off your strength, then prove it to me with your skills. I don't have plans to drive my squad into danger for your 'trivial' reasons."


Three days later, Han proposed another sparring match, but with weapons this time. Schwartz showed off his broad shoulders and gladly accepted. They each selected a weapon they wished to wield. Han armed a spear, and Schwartz chose a heavy sword.


Feeling a good pressure push against the palm of his hands, Han spun his wooden spear left and right. He used both arms to brandish his spear freely.


Drill Sergeant Greseman was very strict. There might be squads superior to others, but units must not stand on a pedestal. Squad 13 is superior, but it would be troublesome if this becomes a platform for them to stand out. All squads must taste failure. Their superior image must be broken.


The children of low psychic ranking heaved a sigh of relief. The lower one's rank, the less likely it is that they would develop a unique skill.

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This wasn't the exact order of the battle plan, but at the same time it was. Canute opened fire with the enemy forces to distract them.


A slight headache was felt in Silence's head. The dimensional crack was so close they could see it.


He lived a short life, but many things had happened and all the moments flashed before his eyes. His life in Japan had not been a happy one. Everyone bullied him for his black skin. He was introverted and couldn't muster enough courage to befriend anyone.


Out of the six dimensional gates, one had opened in Siniju of North Korea.


Han's eyebrows twitched. Inspector Rue turned his back and walked away. He spoke to Han without turning.


"I've heard that you have good judgement. However, matters such as this can only be learned through personal experience. That is why you're still a student. Kiddo. You still have a mountain of things to learn and master."


"Well, well, this is a pleasant surprise," Simon appeared saying, already fully geared. The British youth arrogantly raised his eyebrows. He'd been urgently recruited without prior notice, but he still didn't look the slightest bit nervous.



"This is so stuffy and irritating. My vision is narrow. I really hate these type of equipments. Won't it be fine as long as I don't get hit?"



Han took a short nap during the remaining time period. He fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes, and then woke when his data bracelet alarm rang. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Kijo didn't speak in English, but Korean. Han received a strange feeling from him. The familiar Korean words flowed to his ears. He let out a sigh and sat down.


Squad 1 and 7 had gathered. There were many cameras all around the training center. The cameras would not miss a single moment of the match.

  • Han spoke in front of his squad members. Kuro was already familiar with this information, but it was the first time for Jose and Canute.
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